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Wilson Shift 99 and Shift 99 Pro Review 2023

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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The Wilson Shift 99 and Shift 99 Pro are the latest additions to the Wilson lineup, and after having the opportunity to test them, I'm eager to share my thoughts. Special thanks to Wilson for the opportunity to try these awesome sticks. You can now purchase them here!

Wilson Shift 99: Buy Now

Design and Build: The Shift 99 sports a sleek design, staying true to Wilson's legacy of producing aesthetically pleasing racquets. The construction feels robust, promising durability for players who spend ample time on the court.

Performance: On the court, the Shift 99 offers a balanced blend of power and control. The unique string pattern, which deviates from the traditional layouts we've come to expect, contributes to enhanced spin potential, allowing players to generate sharp angles and heavy top-spin.

Playability: This racquet feels light in hand, but don't let that fool you. It packs a punch. The maneuverability, especially during net play, is impressive, making it ideal for doubles specialists or players who love to volley.

Wilson Shift 99 Pro: Buy Now

Design and Build: The Shift 99 Pro, with its slightly heavier build, caters to advanced players looking for that extra bit of heft and stability in their shots. Its matte finish gives it a premium feel, signaling that this isn't just another racquet - it's a professional-grade weapon.

Performance: If you're an aggressive baseliner, the Shift 99 Pro will be your best friend. The weight distribution ensures that you can generate formidable power from the back of the court. Yet, despite its power potential, it does not compromise on control.

Playability: While it might be a tad demanding for beginners, intermediate to advanced players will appreciate the racquet's stability, especially during long rallies. It also performs exceptionally well during serve, with the added mass aiding in ball penetration.

Conclusion: Wilson has outdone themselves with the Shift 99 series. Whether you're an up-and-coming player looking for a racquet that grows with you, or an advanced player seeking precision and power, the Shift 99 and Shift 99 Pro offer something for everyone. In our experience, we recommend the Shift 99 Pro for more advanced players who can handle a bit extra weight. That's going to allow for some more plow-through and handling of bigger balls.

Having said that, always ensure you demo a racquet before committing to it. Racquets, like shoes, have a subjective feel, and what works for one might not necessarily work for another. But with the features packed into these racquets, they are undoubtedly worth a swing on your next court visit.



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