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Wilson Blade V8 2021 Racket Special Edition NYC US Open Cosmetic

The popular Blade line of Wilson is due for an update soon. Similar to the last Blade update, expect the Wilson Blade V8 around the US Open in Late August or September.

The most obvious update will be the racket cosmetics. The racket will feature an iridescent green design that shimmer from copper to green in different lightings. See details for the main Wilson Blade V8 release.

Wilson will also be launching a special edition US Open New York City cosmetic to commence the Blade V8 line. It will be available in the Blade 98 16x19 frame. The US Open edition will feature all of the same specifications and technology as the general Blade, just with a matte New York City map design rather than the iridescent green.

- Direct Connect Handle Technology: 15% more stability than the Wilson Blade V7

- Bio-based materials reduce environmental impact of the bumper, grommet, and end cap

- Parallel Drilling

Wilson Blade 98 V8 16 x 19 US OPEN NYC


  • Weight (unstrung): 305 g

  • Balance (unstrung): 32 cm / 7 pts. HL

  • Stiffness: 69 Ra

  • Swingweight (unstrung): 315

  • String pattern: 16 x 19

  • Cross-section: 22 / 22 / 22 (mm)



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