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Roger Federer's Nike Zoom Vapor AJ3 Black Cement PE Sample

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

In November 2014, Nike released the limited edition Nike Zoom Vapor AJ3 Black Cement, a pair that combined the legendary design of Tinker Hatfield's Air Jordan 3 with Roger Federer's signature performance shoe, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour. Federer debuted the pair in the 2014 ATP World Tour Finals.

However, Federer uses custom sneakers with significant differences from the retail pairs that were offered to the public. Thanks to RFGOAT1, we've gotten the chance to look into Federer's personal PE that he wore in match play and also signed. His personal pair features a smoother premium leather upper, a carbon fiber shank plate, and his personal outsole pattern from the Nike Zoom Vapor VI and the Nike Zoom Vapor Speed. Another interesting difference that can be noticed is that Federer's pair is much wider. In fact, the PE pair is 5.125" wide, compared to the retail size 12 being only 4.5" wide.



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