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Roger Federer's Actual Tennis Racket, Shoes, and Gear

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

If you've been following us at The Tennis Insider, you probably know that top tennis players often don't actually play with the equipment they endorse. Fortunately, we have access to looking at their actual, match used rackets. Today we'll be taking a look at the gear Roger Federer actually plays with, and comparing it to what he endorses. Stay tuned for additional photos and info. Purchase Federer's endorsed gear here, or explore his match used equipment.

Roger Federer's Personal 90 Square Inch Racket from 2011

Power pads on Federer's rackets remained a staple throughout his career

Roger Federer's 2018 Australian Open Racket - 97 Square Inches | Image via Christie's

Racket: Wilson Pro Staff RF97

Federer is playing with a racket that is available to the general public in the Wilson Pro Staff RF97. This will soon be updated to the Pro Staff line's 14th cosmetic in the Wilson Pro Staff v14. Federer played with the 90 square inch head pictured for the majority of his career, before switching to the more modern 97 square inch RF97 in 2014; many attribute this switch as a huge help in improving his backhand and record against Nadal. He used old-school power pads and string savers throughout his career.

  • Weight: 356g

  • Swingweight: 335g

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