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Nike Court Zoom Vapor 11 Tennis Shoe Review 2023

We play tested Nike's newest Nike Zoom Vapor 11 and it did not disappoint. We had high hopes going in; from first glance, the shoe catches the eye with its sleek updated design.

The shoe's inner sleeve and traditional lacing system ensure a secure, glove-like fit, providing the much-needed stability on lateral moves. The arch band lacing system that was a significant feature in the Vapor X has been slightly tweaked to offer a more adaptable fit, accommodating a wider range of foot types. There is also noticeably more cushioning on this iteration compared to the original Vapor Pro and the Vapor X. The forefoot Nike Zoom Air unit was much appreciated for quick reactions, and particularly when driving up for serves.

On wide balls we found the molded side wall to be successful in providing stability and the quick cuts came naturally. One thing we did notice though was that it was important to use the extra lace eyelet to provide a better sense of ankle stability.

After one month of intense use the Vapor 11 had taken some damage to the left toe area but that was to be expected. The reinforced rubber compound in these higher wear areas has definitely been useful in preventing a hole. The outsole also has a thicker rubber than the previous iterations so it seems to be lasting significantly longer. We found no issues with traction.

The Nike Zoom Vapor 11 successfully builds on its predecessors' legacy by offering a shoe that brings together comfort, performance, and style. While it could score higher on durability, the overall feel and quickness it provides make it a formidable option for players seeking speed and responsiveness. Ultimately, it's clear why a shoe of this caliber is the choice of several professional players - the Vapor 11 truly does bring you closer to mastering your game.



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