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Wilson Blade Pro v8 2021 Racket (H22 Pro Stock)

Along with the Wilson Blade line, the Blade Pro has been updated with the new dynamic paint cosmetic. This racket will NOT be available at tennis retailers. Now Available for Early Purchase! Link:

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The Blade Pro is not the same as the Blade v8 16 x 19! While the specs appear similar at first, this is an entirely different frame intended for very advanced players. It is a thicker, more stable beam with higher swingweight. It is a part of Wilson's exclusive Pro Lab series.

Like the rest of the Pro Lab line, the Blade Pro comes with a beautiful glossy finish not seen on the usual retail frames.

The Blade Pro v8 serves up the H22 pro stock frame mold used by top tour level players on the ATP and WTA. It comes with a strung weight of 321 grams, balance 6 points headlight, and 21.46mm cross section. That means the cross section has gotten marginally smaller from the v7 Blade Pro which was 21.5mm. Notice also that there is no FortyFive tech on this frame, and the frame simply reads "Wilson Blade" where the standard v8 reads FortyFive.

The Blade Pro v8 is an incredibly solid racket but also one we recommend for more advanced players. It doesn't feel as whippy as a regular blade. It can feel demanding to use but that comes with strong control and power.




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