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Simona Halep, WTA Stars Spotted Using NEW Wilson Blade Racket in Montreal

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The new Wilson Blade V8 release is imminent, and now we are starting to see WTA stars finally unveiling them on the courts at the Montreal Masters. Milos Raonic had previously been spotted using the new Blade in Washington.

See photos and video below – Halep, Svitolina, Sabalenka and several others are using the new Blade. Svitolina appears to have revealed the new olive green Blade bag line in her Instagram story.

The racket has some new technologies and an eye-catching iridescent design. See more details.

Image credit: obnmontreal / Instagram

@sabalenka_aryna / Instagram

Wilson Blade 98 V8 16 x 19



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