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Head Speed Legend 2024 Djokovic Edition - Djokovic's New Signature Racket

Updated: Apr 11

Head has already released the new Head Speed Auxetic 2.0 tennis racket line, but there is more to come. Djokovic was not using the new cosmetic, instead staying with the black edition which he dominated much of 2023 with (his customized pro stock version of course). But Head will be releasing another model for Djokovic, expected to be called the Head Speed Legend with a predominantly black cosmetic. It will be a glossy black paint job which will notably feature Novak Djokovic's "ND" logo above the grip. Release is expected for April 2024. See the photos below, and get early access!

The other members of the big 3 have famously had signature rackets released by their respective racket brands. Roger Federer, with the Wilson RF97, and Rafael Nadal, with the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Origin.

Read more below for more photos, and specifications. Stay tuned for further updates, including more photos, specs, playtesting, and early purchase access.

*This information has not been officially verified.*

Image via kungood1234 / Facebook

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