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Best Tennis Rackets for 2024 | Guide and Best Prices

We've researched and reviewed many of the best tennis racquets available, so you can decide for yourself what the best tennis racquet is for you in 2024. Explore your choices and find the best fit based on your preferences.

Some preliminary advice:

Strongly consider the key specifications of the tennis racquet when making your choice. Weight, string pattern, head size, and stiffness are among the most crucial specs affecting playability of the racket.

  • This guide is not intended for those looking for a cheap beginner racquet, or to guide on young children's racquets.

Our Top Picks:

Head Speed 2024:

The Head Speed line, updated for 2024, is one of the most popular rackets on the market for a reason. Endorsed by Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner, the Speed is an incredibly versatile racket, now with Head Auxetic 2.0 technology enhancing the racquet's feel and responsiveness. The Speed is one of the most reliably powerful and stable rackets, and players can opt for a weight and string pattern best suited for them with either the Head Speed Pro, the Head Speed MP, the Head Speed MP L, or the Head Speed Team.

Babolat Pure Drive:

The Babolat Pure Drive has been one of the top selling racquets since its inception, and the latest update incorporates an HTR layup with increased power as well as SWX Pure Feel yielding improved comfort. The signature power and maneuverability of the Pure Drive is maintained as well for a well-rounded stick.

Wilson Blade 98 v9:

Wilson Blade 98 v9 16x19

The Blade v9 design is a welcome update to the popular Wilson Blade v8. The paint is definitely appealing in a teal blue-green cosmetic. If you are not already a fan of the design, we recommend waiting to see it in person before making final judgments. The Blade line has been a reliable balance between power and control, and a great option for advanced players. Opt for the 18x20 string pattern for maximum control, or 16x19 for easier power and spin.


The latest update of the Yonex EZONE comes in a sleek new cosmetic and a variety of options to suit your game. It is consistently one of the top selling rackets, and a model endorsed by the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Ben Shelton, and Naomi Osaka. The EZONE is the perfect line for players looking for excellent feel and controllable power; explore the different EZONE string patterns and models available at the link above.



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