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US Open Tennis 2023 Ticket Early Access, Guide and Best Prices

Whether you're a US Open veteran or going for the first time, having the right tickets for you can make or break your experience. In 2023, there are a variety of US Open ticket options We've experienced and researched and reviewed many of the best ticket options available, so you can decide for yourself what the option is for you in 2023.

Ticket Opportunities

The official US Open website remains the most secure and reliable source for tickets. It provides a comprehensive view of all the available sessions, categories of seating, and pricing options. Early access ticket sales are typically launched several months before the tournament, and we will provide early access here.

1. Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets: Arthur Ashe Stadium is the main stadium and the largest outdoor tennis-only venue in the world. This is where the biggest matches take place, including the Men's and Women's singles semi-finals and finals. Tickets to this stadium grant you a reserved seat for either the day or the evening session. A day session ticket allows you to watch matches scheduled in the Arthur Ashe Stadium during the day and grants first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium (excluding the reserved seating area), the Grandstand, and all the side courts. An evening session ticket, on the other hand, only grants access to the Arthur Ashe Stadium for matches scheduled in the evening.

2. Louis Armstrong Stadium Tickets: Louis Armstrong Stadium is the second largest stadium at the venue, known for its intimate atmosphere. This stadium also hosts many high-profile matches, especially during the first week of the tournament.

A Louis Armstrong Stadium ticket grants you a reserved seat in the stadium for the day session only, plus first-come, first-served access to the Grandstand and all the field courts. Please note that there is no separate evening session ticket for Louis Armstrong Stadium. However, if you have a ticket for the day session in the Arthur Ashe Stadium or a Grounds Pass, you can access the Louis Armstrong Stadium on a first-come, first-served basis for any matches scheduled in the evening.

3. Grounds Passes: Grounds passes provide a more flexible and economical way to experience the US Open, especially in the first week when matches are played across many courts. A grounds pass gives you first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium (excluding the reserved seating area), the Grandstand, and all the field courts. However, a grounds pass does not grant you access to the Arthur Ashe Stadium. This means you won't be able to watch the highest-profile matches that are typically scheduled in this stadium.

Choosing the Right Ticket: The best ticket for you depends on your preferences and what you want out of your US Open experience. If you want to ensure you'll see the top-seeded players, an Arthur Ashe Stadium ticket is your best bet. However, if you're interested in watching a variety of matches and exploring different courts, a Louis Armstrong Stadium ticket or grounds pass may be more suitable. No matter your choice, every ticket promises an exciting day of tennis action at the US Open.

Fans can also opt for the Ticket Packages, offering not just match tickets, but also added features like access to exclusive hospitality areas, gourmet dining options, and even player meet-and-greets.

American Express Presale

American Express Card Members typically enjoy a special presale opportunity for US Open tickets. This is another valuable early access route if you're an AMEX user, as it often takes place before the general public sale.

Ticket Resale

If you've missed out on early access, fear not. The USTA has authorized a Ticket Exchange platform where fans can buy and sell tickets securely. While prices may vary based on demand, it offers another opportunity to secure a seat at this prestigious event.



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