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ON The Roger Centre Court Shoes Review and Best Price 2023

We got a chance to try out the signature ON The Roger Centre Court off court sneakers, and they certainly impressed. Designed in collaboration with tennis legend Roger Federer, these shoes cater to the needs of casual wearers delivering comfort, functionality, and an undeniable touch of elegance. Check the best price below while pairs last!

One of the most notable features of The Roger Centre Court shoes is the aesthetics. On's conscious decision to opt for a retro design, with clean lines and a subtle color palette, makes them versatile enough for the court or a casual day out. The sleek, white synthetic leather upper contrasted with the gum-colored sole creates an understated, classy look that matches virtually any outfit. Please note though, that these are not made for tournament play, but are an incredible off court shoe!

However, the appeal of The Roger Centre Court extends beyond just looks. Performance-wise, these shoes are engineered to impress. They feature On's signature CloudTec cushioning technology in the sole, offering superior shock absorption and ensuring a smooth stride on and off the court. Even after extended periods of wear, your feet will feel comfortably cushioned, minimizing fatigue and enhancing your overall performance. These shoes are incredibly light and although they have such a clean, casual look, they almost give the support of a running sneaker. The shoes have "speedboard technology," which adds a remarkable springiness to every step. This feature transforms your energy into forward momentum, which is actually tangible when wearing.

They truly encapsulate the essence of Roger Federer – classic, enduring, and elegant with a high-performance twist.

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